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95 FrankenCivic Build

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  • 95 FrankenCivic Build

    Here's the next step towards more reliable speed....

    lately ly the engine is lugging super hard at idle and almost dying but not. I'm hoping this will help although j think the power steering sensor may be the culprit since the system is open right now. Will be hoping over to the junkyard to secure a new steering hose and hopefully a res with only one hole

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    Car runs great! I've put about 500 miles on it the last week or so

    it pulls stronger than ever and all the suspension and steering mods seem to be holding up

    time to give her hell!


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      Any updates?
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        trying to work out how to fix the oil consumption issue without throwing away the bearings and oil pump I just bought last year... looking at boring the block .5 or 1 mm oversize and add higher compression p29 pistons from a d16zc