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NB turbo Miata (Midnight rampage) 5 SSM.

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  • NB turbo Miata (Midnight rampage) 5 SSM.

    It has been an interesting project right from the start. I picked up this 01 Miata with almost 300k, an auto transmission and chopped springs July '17 as a step up from the last couple yrs in a shifter kart. First thing needing done was the installation of a 5spd (out of an NA) and then a Flyin' Miata Fox suspension came shortly after. Over the winter I put together a turbo kit, just the basics at this point; 2871 turbo, inter-cooled, EV14 660 injectors, MS2 Enhanced ECU with bluetooth, spec Miata exhaust. Given the cars age it took a few months to get it together and work out kinks, missed a couple events but she's up and running now. Just a basic street tune at this point, putting out 220hp +/-. Picked some used 245/40/15 Hoosier R7's to get the traction I'll need, I'm hoping between the summer temps and the extra power that will be enough to warm the tires after a few runs and get me through this season and get the suspension dial in. Then maybe go with new A7's for next year and get really serious. Next step, hopefully coming soon, will be to build the motor. As it stands I'm looking at Wiseco pistons/rings, Eagle rods, ACL race bearings, ATI Super damper, CSF radiator, Walbro 255, new gaskets for the bottom end, and a higher rated clutch (as I'm already starting to slip in 2nd/3rd when hot). I'll be swapping the turbo for a heat wrapped 2860 turbo, that along with running 10.5:1 compression or so, should give me a nice low RPM spool rate with a goal around 3-350 HP. Top end will come further down the line, I need to research the best balance between the high compression, boost, and desired power band to determine my cam sizing. Also need to get a torsen diff yet and with that power goal I should be right at the limit of the Miata drive train. Also need to look into the coolant reroute as well as venting the hood to address some excessive heat issues. Debating on keeping power steering to help with the larger tires and aggressive castor when the alignment is done. A/C will be going to open up more breathing room for the motor. At some point at least a roll bar will be added for the purpose of getting in on track days with NASA. Debating on a full cage and interior strip but I do like the look of a stock interior and kind of want to keep it nice for the street. It's a long term project for sure but a lot has already come into place and it's moving along quickly. Didn't see any Miata builds on here so I thought I may as well throw mine up, I'll add to it and get into more specifics as time goes by.

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    I'm amazed at how much has happened in such a short time frame. Looking forward to seeing more progress!
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