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  • Newbie... Maybe?

    Hey all, I'm Ben and have autocrossed quite a bit in CAM T class with my '79 Cutlass wagon. I just picked up a '98 Subaru Legacy Outback for a price I couldn't refuse. It's a little beat and has 250K miles but generally seems to be an OK car, like something I could drive daily around town. Just wondering if it would be a decent rally type car? Would simply getting a set of the right tires get me started?

    Also wondering, my CAM car is built to be fairly competitive in autoX, I've sunk a lot of $ and effort into it to have as much fun as I do. Have any of you guys got insight/ experience on the fun factor between autoX and rallyX? I really enjoy going fast on the tarmac, it seems the dirt is a little slower tho', but maybe slinging the car around getting dirty is just as much fun? Thoughts?

    -Ben, the hot roddin' car drawin' GM guy
    79 Cutlass Wagon Pro-Touring Daily driver
    74 Nova Street/ Strip, mid 11's on the motor
    My website