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Hoping to get rallying again next season

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  • Hoping to get rallying again next season

    So I sold the GTX and of couse had to replace it with a new future rally x car.
    I picked up an 03 WRX that had a salvaged title for cheap and did the minor fixes to get it all up and going. There are still a few thing to do before I feel like breaking it, so I hope it should be all ready to go for next season.

    It's no GTX but it will have to do...

    Can't wait!

    quick pic from my garage,

    You'll notice I have hood pins to hold the poor fitting hood down properly that was replaced after its wreck.
    Does anyone have a wrx or know anyone that would let me try on their stock hood...? I'm curious if its a bad aftermarket hood or if it was shotty body work that makes it not fit correctly...
    If a stock hood fits then I know I can just get me a new hood.

    88' 323 GTX with body roll of death

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    very nice welcome to the subaru family it'll treat you well. No more rallyx 323s in utah.


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      Yeah that's sad... Did Karl sell his or is just not making it out anymore?

      FYI... There is a GTX owner right across from where I work in Salt Lake, I'll have to go knock on his door one day and see if he would ever be interested in selling.
      88' 323 GTX with body roll of death


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        He still has it but is trying to sell it. He hasn't raced it in like a year.


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          Sorry I didn't make it out this summer, bad conflicts each time

          At any rate gtxtreem, look up rockrammer here (or on He's got an 02 WRX caged rally car and finds parts for it fairly readily. I think mostly combing through Nasty-Sac (aka NASIOC) and their SW regional threads. . .

          At any rate, welcome to Utah Rally cross and to Subarus!!