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Perfect rallyX starter/fun car

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  • Perfect rallyX starter/fun car

    The Xratty's are amazing, so I'm told. I want one, but I already own a rally car. So you, yes you, should pick this up. RWD sucks and won't win, you say? That is a lie, or at least a partial lie. You may not win cone-races in it, but you'll have more fun and look far cooler doing it in a RWD. Plus, it's got a solid Ford 2.3 turbo ready to go, and Supra diffs will bolt up with only an adapter plate mod, which I know where to get them.

    So, what are you waiting for?
    "...and the Lord sayeth unto Ben, 'Thou shalt rally.'"

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    Damn, $400 is a helluva deal. If it were local I'd pick it up just for fun!
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