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Has anyone ever been to a driving school?

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  • Has anyone ever been to a driving school?

    Well has anyone?
    Where was it, what was your experience? did you think it was worth the money for what you learned?

    Im not thinking about it anytime soon. Just wondering if they are worth saving for someday.

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    There is only one person locally that I can think of and he went to oneils. Best way to learn is to get out there and race. Next event if feb 18th I want to see you there. I don't care if you have a car we will give you rides but you should be ther


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      yes it is worth it, they teach you the basics and some more. it is then up to you how well you hone and learn those skills and moves. i cant wait to go back to TON and get some more instruction.

      like josh said actually seat time is where its at and how well you do. practice practice practice.

      the rallyx events are a perfect place for just that so come to the feb 18th event, even ride alongs are fun if dont have a car to race.
      when in doubt..flat out! -rip colin mcrae