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Great Expectations Rallyx march 24th

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  • Great Expectations Rallyx march 24th

    The URG (Utah Rally Group) is proud to present the Great expectations SCCA Utah Region RallyCross. It will be held at the Miller Motorsports Park on SATURDAY March 24th Registration and tech will be open from 8:00am to 9:30am, the driver's meeting will be at 9:45am, with first car running at 10:00am. The event usually goes until mid to late afternoon, with each competitor being given at least six runs.

    All competitors must have and show a current valid drivers license(their own), and all cars (fixed-roof production based, including convertibles with a factory hardtop attached and targa or t-top types with factory panel(s) in place) must be able to pass technical inspection. Helmets are required and must meet Snell 2000(SA2000, M2000, or K2000) or newer labeled helmets are approved for use. For those without a proper helmet, a few loaners are available.

    Entry fees are
    $45for SCCA Members
    $60 for Non-SCCA Members

    (Join the SCCA Today!: )

    For directions to Miller Motorsport Park Site check out this link.

    There will be a few different RallyCross and RallyX series running this year so for rules and car classing details check out the FAQ and the Links below.
    For the Car Classing FAQ for the new rules click here.

    For a listing of the Rules and Regulations for SCCA RallyCross 2011 please visit.

    For a listing of the Rules and Regulations for FRX (Formula Rally X) please visit

    If there are any questions, please contact me. I do hope to see you there; and bring a friend or two, to come play in the dirt too. This site has seriously the minimum impact on any car, painters tape is recommended if you're worried about your paint!!!

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    2012 SCCA rules:


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      Pre-registration here:

      List of pre-registered competitors:


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        for full results:


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          I meant to stop by when I was out for Karting but you guys were already packing up. It looked like a ton of fun I just feel bad for the paint


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            Pish-posh, we don't feel bad for our paint, the paint is a whiney bugger anyway, always wimping out and being vain about it's shineyness. We're showing that paint that it's time to man-up and show that it's worth it's base, (as opposed to salt...which is bad for paint.)
            "...and the Lord sayeth unto Ben, 'Thou shalt rally.'"