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Looking at SX4's any one using them in Rallx here?

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  • Looking at SX4's any one using them in Rallx here?

    Hey all, Just like the title says any of the URG driving sx4 awd's? Hoping to find a good one in the next couple weeks to pick up.

    Even if no one here has driven them, what are your guys thoughts?

    When I originally joined this site I was looking at a miata, but dirt has always been where I really enjoyed driving.

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    I've driven them before but no one has rallyxed one here to my knowledge. THey don't seem bad though easy ish to work on. Cheap with a good warranty though


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      Thats what I'm thinking too!

      I've been a scooby guy and still am (have owned a 91 legacy turbo, a regular legacy waggy, and currently have my wife in s 2008 n/a forester sports edition). But have had zero luck finding something i'm happy with in the subaru area that I can afford.

      The sx4 wrc success makes me think they'd be decent. Yes I know factory verse wrc is a big difference but hey, theres some basic bones behind it all right? And its kinda cool to own the smallest awd currently available in the states.

      We'll see if any of these I'm going to look at pan out. Either way I'm looking forward to attending some Rally-x this year as a spectator/helper initially and then maybe some driving.


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        what are you currently driving now? I'm obviosly a big Subaru guy. you don't need AWD though we have a lot of guys running front and ever rear wheel. I'd worry more about just coming out and competing and worrying about a car after you've gotten the feal of it if you currently have something you don't mind playing around with.


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          Right now, I'm driving a mildly modified Jeep. Which wont exactly fit in to the Rally cross circuit. I've often thought about going the civic or focus hatch route strictly for autocross and rally cross andI know I don't need it for SCCA but I need a DD with all wheel and I've spent most my driving life bombing dirt roads pretending I'm a Rally driver in all wheel drive cars or baja in trucks or jeeps. So its what I'm most familiar with. Seems like an okay win-win situation for me.

          If its cool I'd just like to come hang out at a couple races help/watch/learn/heckle. And ease my way into racing. I've attended a autocross in the past but not a rally cross.


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            that is more then ok. you can even come out and ride along. we are similar to autox but we count every run and are a little more laid back. The driving is completely different being on dirt though.