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Deserately in need of new venues

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  • Deserately in need of new venues

    Hey everybody, I would like to challenge as many people as possible to find possible rally-x sites. I cannot justify to the club losing roughly $300 per event at MMP. What we need it at least 5 acres of relatively flat, clear ground away from homes and within a reasonable driving distance.

    Here's a list of the places I have tried so far:
    Golden Spike Arena
    Global One
    Godfrey Trucking
    different private lands
    If anybody has an "in" to any of these places, that would be a help too. I have a possible site in Vernon that I need to check on and maybe one other rodeo type arena parking lot that I haven't been to. We either need more competitors or cheaper venues, it's that simple (which is not simple at all).
    Private land would be ideal for cost but I'll check on anything. If anybody knows any land owners in the Tooele or Rush Valley, that's a good possibility too. Please post here or PM me with anything you may have.
    Thanks, Gonzo.
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    If any of those places happens to be paved give a shout to the autocrossers. I'm sure we could keep an eye out for the Rally guys as well!

    What about going further out of town, Park City/Heber area? I bet there would be farmers willing to rent a plot of land for the time/cost of re-tilling?
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      what about like "Salt flats" area's?? there are places out on the 80wb where my grandpa used to fly his airplane, plenty big to run events, and you wouldn't be bothering anyone with sound/dust??
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