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Looking for help w/Karting rules/classing....

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  • Looking for help w/Karting rules/classing....

    I apologize in advance for being "that guy" who can't simply look up the rules on his own. Know that I did take a shot at it...I just can not find the information I'm seeking so I'm posting in the hopes that someone experienced w/the classes/rules could comment. Here we go:

    I want to take our auto-x'ing adventures to the next level; the "family level". My wife and I already Dual drive my car, but our boy is left out. I'd like to start a Father/son kart building project with him, then when the Kart is done, I'd like for him to be able to run it at events. I've seen kids and karts at events, but I have no idea what the criteria are, so I'm asking now/here. Here are a few unknowns;
    *Allowable ages,
    *HP or engine sizes?
    *What is a "Kart"? Anything off KSL with 4 wheels? Or is there some kind of spec kart chassis?
    *Do chassis or engine/drive configuration criteria change w/age?
    *Safety equipment? (I'd guess helmet, neck brace, fire suit, gloves shoes? IDK)

    *What can I do to get my boy some seat time in a this safe, fun, environment that is Solo II? Thanks!

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    Hey, sorry for the slow replies, the forum doesn't get hit as often as the FB page does - for age check section 4.1 of the manual - it states the following for general rules (there are exceptions, seen below):

    Kart Modified (KM) drivers that do not have a driver’s license or permit must meet the following prerequisites: 1. Minimum age is 15 years old. 2. Drivers must have approval of the event Chairman and the event Solo® Safety Steward. 3. Drivers must have participated in at least four (4) National Solo® Events in Formula Junior class A (JA). Formula Junior drivers, regardless of license status, must follow the minimum age restrictions per Section 19.2. The provisions of Section 4.1.D provide event officials discretion with regard to the entry of any driver, including the ability to prevent a driver from completing their runs provided a full refund is given. B. Drivers are responsible for knowing and understanding the SCCA

    The above can be found here:

    For all the kart questions, they can be described here:

    They do offer a younger classing for 5-15 year olds that would change the rules from above, someone else from the board, or event chairs would need to chime in o if we run those or not.

    i'll cross post this over to the facebook page to get some more traction for you.


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      First off, you don't have any competition in that class at this point so no one is really going to challenge you with the rules, as long as you're safe of course...

      That being said, the second link JD posted, scroll down to the Jr karts and you find all your answers basically. There's a lot of specs and while building one from scratch with your kid could be great, you can find a lot of cadet size karts on KSL and the like. You can try down at the kart track on ukc race days and find people selling their kids old karts in good shape too. That would be the easiest and quickest. Kart setup can be just as involved as building.

      The engines they use are the same as are used in racing at the track, depends on your boys age, that's all outlined in the rules. I know the lo206 is what they use locally for older kids and even adults, they run about $600 new and you can get 50 mph out of them unrestricted. If you buy a cadet kart it should have a four stroke that will work in any case. If he's older you may look into getting a rotax, 125 2 stroke that's single speed, there's a two speed version as well, could work... Personally I wouldn't worry too much about the motor, none of them go over 50 mph until you get into shifters.

      As far as safety gear, good shoes and jeans with a jacket are all that's required with autocross. Ankles covered, no skin showing basically... If you want to dabble with actual side by side racing with the ukc (utah kart championship) then you need an anti abrasive suit and there are some more involved specs to follow with them that more than cover autocross.

      If you get a chance to stop into msquared racing in Salt Lake, they are the local go to kart shop and can help you out a ton! Great guys. They may even have some used karts for sale or know of some.

      Let me know if I can help with anything else, I'm Nate, I run the blue 125 shifter, #15. Any of the guys who run karts will be happy to help you as well I'm sure.


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        Wow, this is fantastic information. Thank you both so much for responding.

        We don't care about being competitive at all (starting out). He's a good driver already, and he'd just be totally stoked to be able to do what WE do...but w/his own little rig. He's 12 now. I agree that buying a used kart (frame) is the way to go, the build/set up the rest, and mod/improve as needed. Thanks again. With this information, we can proceed.