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    Utah SCCA members,

    I would like member input and interest on the following idea.

    The club has grown considerably in the last two years which is fantastic and a credit to everyone who brought a new person to race, went to a car show, ran stickers on your car, etc. It was easier to keep everything running when the club was small. We have more events now than we ever have, awesome for fitting racing into everyone’s schedules, harder on the equipment. We’ve seen this in the last couple of events that have had many issues and delays. To continue running efficient professional events I would like your input on creating some new groups of advisory positions.

    1. Timing Advisory Group – typical responsibilities setting up and taking down the timing system at each event, taking the timing system home and ensuring it’s charged and has fresh batteries, working with Race America to repair/replace timing units, maintaining chords,
    2. Membership Advisory Group – typical responsibilities, organizing several events throughout the year that focus on new members, car shows, new member races, creating flyers/stickers/t-shirts, social media – publicize with photos or videos after each race.
    3. Computer Data Management – typical responsibilities, maintaining the laptops, updates to software, maintaining the forums, setting up and maintaining a centralized place for club registration, by laws, financials.
    4. Equipment Advisory Group – typical responsibilities, maintenance on truck, trailer and generator.

    Each group may have 3 – 6 members. Those members share the responsibilities of each group and coordinate on what specific events they would attend. In exchange these members do not have typical work assignments during normal events.

    The club is a registered non-profit business, we have a business charter and a set of by-laws that govern how the club is run and also how it is connected to the parent SCCA organization. There are 8 board members:
    Kevin Schultz Regional Executive,
    Vernon Jolley Solo Chair,
    Carolyn Rasband Treasurer,
    Dale Pitkin Secretary,
    Gonzo San Miguel Rally Chair
    Jacob Pitkin Assistant Regional Executive,
    Dan Lunt Road Race Chair,
    Michael Carpenter Member at Large
    This group creates the schedule, contracts with the site owners, files taxes, pays the bills (site rental, event insurance, truck insurance, repairs, maintenance), manages the budget, organizes the year end banquet, maintains all the equipment, etc. There is no compensation for these positions and we still work normal assignments at events. At times it takes up a fair amount of time we do it because we love racing and want to see the club be successful. As the club continues to grow we need some additional member involvement.

    Please send comments to my email at I will share all comments and volunteer interest with the board and determine the viability of the concept.

    Thanks Kevin.