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  • First Event Registration

    Newish here (been about 15 years), looking to register for the first event on March 4th, but not seeing a link in the Schedule section. Anyone know where I can do that before the actual event?

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    No one? I can't even find contact info for the Utah SCCA. No e-mail address or anything listed in the Contact section. Anyone know how to get in touch with the organizers?


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      March 4th has been cancelled. The schedule has been updated to reflect that. I think most people are waiting for the season to start so these forums are pretty dead this time of year. The Facebook page at Utah SCCA AutoX has more people active. I believe they are trying to do more this year through email through motorsportsreg but I'm not exactly sure how that works to sign up.


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        SRN, indeed the club is going to try and get more information out through email. It will not be through motorsportsreg, though, but rather through the SCCA member list. So if you are a member of the SCCA and provided your email address, you should get any updates via email. If you are not an SCCA member, then you will need to get in touch with the solo director to get put on the list. Hopefully the forum starts being more lively once the season picks up.

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          I'm creating the signup stuff right now. Will be posted here, in the Facebook group as well as going out in an email to all the members. I believe we're going to try to move over to just email, we're just working out the details I think.
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