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  • Legacy Events Center Noise Policy

    There has been some concern lately with excessive noise from cars at Legacy Events Center, which requires our strictest sound requirements. Because of this, the Board members discussed the issue and have come up with a set policy for handling excessively loud cars. The policy is as follows:

    The target decibel limit is 95 decibels as measured as outlined in Appendix I of the 2019 Solo Rule Book. Any driver whose car exceeds 95 decibels will be given a verbal warning that they exceed the target sound level.

    A hard limit of 98 decibels will be enforced. Drivers whose cars meet or exceed 98 decibels will be given one of three options:

    1) They may forfeit the remainder of their runs and receive a refund of their registration in the form of credit for a future event.
    2) They may drive another vehicle that meets sound requirements to finish the remainder of their runs.
    3) They may attempt to bring their car into compliance with the sound limit.

    Any driver whose car meets or exceeds 98 decibels more than once will be disqualified from the event and will forfeit the remainder of their runs without refund of registration fees.

    There have not been any complaints filed against the club as of yet, which means that this policy is precautionary to help us retain our best venue. There is no decibel limit imposed by Farmington City or by Legacy Events Center, but rather this is a policy we have instituted ourselves proactively and according to our best discretion. We want as many people as possible to participate in our events, but we need to make sure that we have locations to hold those events.

    For those concerned that they will be unable to meet this noise policy, we have events scheduled at other venues that have no sound limit, such as Utah Motorsports Campus, and we encourage participation at these events!

    This policy is subject to change and open for discussion. This club is run by volunteers, and each member's opinion matters.

    It would also be helpful if someone could post this to the Facebook group, as I do not have an active Facebook account.

    See you out there!

    -Gregory Gabbott

    #99 DP 1996 Mazda Miata