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PE 7: May 12, 2019 at Legacy Event Center

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  • PE 7: May 12, 2019 at Legacy Event Center

    Worker Signup

    THIS EVENT IS AT Utah Legacy 05/12/2019

    Here's the worker position job descriptions, please be on site at 6:30am

    Event Chair
    Helps pack/unpack trailer
    Calls for Course Designer
    Co-ordinates with Worker Chiefs to ensure all positions filled
    Calls For Safety Steward
    Arranges for Truck to/from event
    Ensures Event Starting ON TIME, and smooth running
    Secures insurance sanction and displays in trailer during event
    Trains other members for the job

    Course Designer; This is a trained and experienced position
    Helps Pack/Unpack Trailer
    Decides where Grid and trailer will be
    Sets perimeter
    Sets Course with proper considerations to course flow and safety

    Worker Chief;
    Helps pack/unpack trailer
    Perimeter (multiple positions as needed)
    Sets up Worker Stations
    Assigns Course and Trailer Workers (announcer, Cone Counter)
    Holds workers accountable for returning to work
    All other worker positions needed to run the course the day of the event
    Trains other members for the job

    Tech Inspection Chief; must be trained in proper tech inspection guidelines
    Helps pack/unpack trailer
    Sets up and tears down Tech
    Sets up Grid
    Properly inspects every competing car per SCCA guidelines
    Checks Car numbers/class can be easily read
    Maintains list of annual tech inspection
    Helps pack trailer at end of event
    Trains other members for the job

    Registration Chief;
    Helps pack/unpack trailer
    Opens/Manages Pre-Registration
    Maintains Reserved Numbers List
    Maintains Temporary Membership Applications
    Maintains Member Registration Cards
    Maintains Temporary Paper Numbers @ events
    Responsible for On-Site Registration
    Responsible for accurate collection and tracking of entry fees
    Maintains up to date car classing info
    All other registration duties as necessary
    Trains other members for the job

    Waiver Chief
    Primary waiver person in morning,
    Maintains supply of wristbands
    Maintains supply of blank waiver sheets
    Maintains signed waivers for one season
    Maintains minor waiver forms
    Assigns perimeter work duties
    Helps to ensure all participants/spectators have signed/received

    Timing/Scoring Chief
    Sets up Computer, timing lights, clock
    Ensures accuracy of all competitors times
    Maintains database of event by event times and scores
    Computer Work Assignments

    Schedule as follows:
    6:30 Setup begins
    7-8 Registration/Tech/Course walk
    8:30 Course closed for walking
    8:45 Drivers Meeting
    9 First car out
    Noonish Lunch Break
    1ish 2nd session
    4-5:30 Last car finishes/Pack the trailer

    Cara Benson Trainee:
    Course Designer: Justin Scott Helpers: Ryan Fritsch, Travis Adams, Brandon Hurst
    Registration: Bevin Johnson Trainee: Cristy Crookston
    Tech (2): Mike Kreiberg, Paul Thon Trainee: Gabe Cerritos
    Worker Chief: Gabby Thompson
    Timing/Scoring Chief: Kevin Trainee: Holly Jensen
    Waivers: Dana Barlow, Michelle Fritsch
    Trailer: Cara Benson
    Lead Safety: Jade Barlow Safety: David Benson Trainee: Jake Crookston
    New Driver: Stephen Curtis

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    I can be Lead Safety. Dana will be Waiver Chief. See you then.


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      So it has been quite some time since I've been active. Want to get inspired again. Where is the Legacy Events Center, how do I get there from SLC?



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        Legacy Event Center is our biggest site right now with a pretty good surface. Come check it out and go for a few rides or bring your car to race.

        Take I-15 NB to exit 395, turn left off the freeway and follow Park Lane West bound, turn left on N 1100 W. We usually grid at the DMV so go East at the round-a-bout and look for us there.
        Here's a map of the lot:


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          Great, thanks.