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First Event FAQ **New? LOOK HERE**

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  • First Event FAQ **New? LOOK HERE**

    Due to insurance regulations you must have a valid drivers license or you will not be allowed to participate.

    If you are a member your membership MUST be current or you will have to purchase a $15 weekend membership. You may apply the $15 towards your renewal.

    All passengers must fill out a no-charge weekend membership to ride with a competitor.

    For Miller events, after 8:30 all SCCA Guests/Passengers will have to pay Miller's $5 gate fee to enter. (IE, get in for free before 8:30!!)

    First Time Racing? Here's what you need to know to make it easy:

    For You:
    A valid drivers license is required to race. Please don't forget to bring it. Learner Permits are allowed following Utah State Law.

    You must be a member to participate. You can purchase a $15 weekend membership when you register at the venue or online. To become a yearly member and save the $15 off every event please visit and follow the "JOIN NOW" links to sign up!

    Passengers and Spectators must sign the on-site waiver and get a wristband. A no charge weekend membership form must be completed to ride as a passenger.

    Helmets are required for drivers and passengers that meet one or more of the following SCCA Solo Helmet Requirements
    If you don't have a helmet no sweat! Loaner helmets are available on site.

    We race in all weather conditions but standing snow or lightning This includes pouring rain or blazing heat. Please be prepared with umbrellas, hats, sunscreen, water, food, ect.

    Your Car:
    It's a common misconception that you need special safety equipment, brakes, tires, or mods to go racing. In fact, many people drive to and race at the event in the car they drive to work every day! No special equipment required!

    However there is some basic preparation that every car should have:
    • Check all your fluids, especially the engine oil, make sure they are all full.
    • Check your tires, make sure they have at least the manufacturers recommended air pressure. You may want to add 10-15psi to keep the tires firm, however every car is different.
    • Check your battery, it should be securely held down so it can not slide around.
    • Remove all loose items from the car, anything, including the spare that is not bolted down.
    • Make sure you car is in generally good mechanical condition, if you can't drive it to work safely, or without breaking down, you shouldn't be racing it!

    Classes are how we group similar cars together based on handling capabilities and modifications. To find out where your car belongs, refer to the links at the bottom of this post, If you have questions where your car belongs please don't hesitate to ask!

    Once you know your class you'll need to pick a number. You reserve that number when you register online for an event. Once you have a number you can either make numbers for your car or purchase paper class/number sets for $1.00 at each event and use painters tape to attach them to the car.

    If you want to make your own numbers they must be a minimum 8 inches high and use a 1.25 inch wide stroke. Class letters can be smaller, no less than 4" high. They should be of a contrasting color on body panels, not on windows (Hint: blue & black don't contrast). You may use magnetic material, vinyl, or a large white sheet of paper with thick black marker on it as long as the above rules apply. Note that just tape or shoe polish on your windows will NOT be allowed as it is often too difficult to read from a distance, on a moving car.

    The Event
    We follow the same schedule for every event, however it is subject to change:

    7-8 Registration and Check In Mandatory for ALL competitors
    7-8:30 Tech Inspection and Course Walk
    Basic tech inspection of your car (required) and course walk (optional, but very useful)
    8:45 Drivers meeting
    Drivers meeting is mandatory, where you will be told what work/run group you are in, where to grid your car, how many runs we're doing and the schedule for the rest of the day. New drivers will be taken aside by a new driver coordinator and given extra instruction to get you up to speed. A Worker Chief will give work assignments for the day.
    9:00 First Car Out
    Now the fun begins! The new driver coordinator will stay with you to make sure you are learning the course, and having fun.

    Entry Fees
    These are subject to change, so please read each registration post as the event approaches:
    Number Sets $1.00 (available on site)
    Weekend Membership $15
    SCCA Member Pre Reg $40

    On Site Registration Add $5
    Late Fee after 8:30 Add $10 *
    *Late Registration Accepted Only at Discretion of Registration Staff

    For two day events, you can race the 2nd day for an additional $25.

    You MUST give notice within one week of missing an event to receive a credit. Credits will be issued via

    Still have questions, or just want to know more? Here are a few helpful links with more information:

    Solo FAQ's

    Solo Rules
    SCCA Membership

    Helmet Reqirements

    SOLO Novice Handbook <--Lots of great info

    Anatomy of an AutoCross

    Current Car Classing:
    SCCA Street Class by Make

    Car Classing, non-stock through 2013 Courtesy of Milwaukee Region
    Classing and Event Tutorial
    Classing by Make
    Classing by Modification
    Classic American Muscle (CAM) Classing
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    Thanks a ton Ryan.

    New drivers please let is know what is not here so we can answer your questions and get it added.
    Ryan Johnson
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      All good information Ryan D.

      New drivers: Don't forget to remove your floor mats - at least the driver's side. And like Ryan mentioned, bring LOTS of water to drink - June, July and August will get very hot.
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        Stay away from those old cars with wide tires. More so the white ones with mismatched seats.
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          Thanks for the info!

          Glad to hear about the "new driver coordinator" as I was a little worried about being lost during the event.

          How do we know what work duties we have when we are not out on the course?


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            Generally I am the one that will give work assignments before you go out to work for the first time (there will always be somebody as worker chief). That will typically also be your assignment for the afternoon runs unless we need to move a few people around.
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              Now that we're well into the season, has this been helpful to the new people coming in?

              Any questions you didn't get answered here?
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                Yes it was helpful, but going to more and more is most helpful!


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                  I've added a couple new links to the FAQs:
                  AutoCross: Take The Wheel
                  Another great site devoted to helping your first autocross go smoothly, and gives you lots of information on what to expect your first time out.

                  Anatomy of an AutoCross
                  VERY cool video showing step by step how an autocross is set up and run, also some fun racing footage!
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                    BUMP! For the 2011 season!
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                      Ryan: Is there an updated classing sheet anywhere or just that one from Milwaukee? I am assuming based on the results from yesterday's event that the MINI-S is supposed to be in DS but the Milwaukee thing shows it should be in GS. I'm probably going to come out to an event or two for old time's sake now that I have a car that is enjoyable to drive in an autocross situation and I just want to be prepared.


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                        "If one does not fail at times, then one has not challenged himself." -Ferdinand Porsche
                        Mr Otto, Rudolph, and I kicked Mr Wankel in the JUNK
                        WOW! Your diesel truck is fast! To bad you owe it all to a Frenchman
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                          Thanks Kyle.

                          I've updated the links to reflect 2011 changes.
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                            Yeah, thanks a bunch! I thought it odd to still be using 2007 listings because I know we changed like 4 times in the short while we had the S2000.


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                              When do they open Registration for miller on the 21-22?