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    There was some discussion at the board meeting last night about "PAX"ing the TrackCross. Time Trials do not have a PAX type handicap per se. But since this isn't really a Time Trial event, and most of us participating are autocrossers, I figured it wouldn't hurt anything to have a way for you all to compare yourselves to one another.

    I threw some calcs together based on a few session's fastest times at the Time Trials Nationals last year. I tried doing it based on our events last year, but we had cars and classing all over the place. So here is my TT PAX table. I may or may not have it included in the results. Depends on how much of a paint it is for whoever compiles those for us. And of course this is not official in any sense of the word. Just a fun tool to look at things another way.
    Class TT PAX
    S1 1.000
    S2 0.914
    S3 0.886
    S4 0.896
    S5 0.897
    S6 0.900
    T1 0.995
    T2 0.983
    T3 0.921
    T4 0.947
    T5 0.894
    M1 0.983
    M2 0.963
    M3 0.922
    U1 0.970
    U2 0.970
    For reference, here is a copy of the Autocross PAX table for 2019 so you can see how your current auto-x class PAX compares to your TrackCross PAX.